[Twisted-Python] Ldaptor status and updates

Jan Dittberner jandd at debian.org
Wed Sep 1 06:44:08 EDT 2010

On Wed, Sep 01, 2010 at 01:13:33PM +0300, Anton Gyllenberg wrote:
> I want to use the Ldaptor LDAP client for a project. Does anybody know
> whether and how Ldaptor is currently maintained and what the best
> upstream source is? I need to make some changes and wonder what to
> base the work on and where to discuss and publish changes.


I do the primary work on the ldaptor Debian package these days. Tommy did not
release a new version for years but has the mentioned git repository. The
Debian svn repository at
svn://svn.debian.org/python-modules/packages/ldaptor/trunk/ contains a series
of patches in the debian/patches directory to fix some minor issues with

> Is it OK to discuss Ldaptor on this list and to send patches here?

I can not speak for the list but I'd like to get patches to incorporate them in
the Debian package.

> The first google hit for ldaptor is
> http://webmail.inoi.fi/open/trac/ldaptor but the SVN repo on that site
> has last commit Sun May 7 2006. I found a git repo with newer commits
> at http://eagain.net/gitweb/?p=ldaptor.git, last commit Sat Aug 23
> 2008.
> I published some work-in-progress changes based on the git repo above at
> http://github.com/antong/ldaptor

I'll have a look at your changes later this week.

@Tommy: are you still interested to be the primary upstream for ldaptor or
would you like Anton or me to provide a new upstream project? What do you think
of the idea to merge fixes from github into your git repository and creating
future releases?


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