[Twisted-Python] Ldaptor status and updates

Anton Gyllenberg anton at iki.fi
Wed Sep 1 08:40:03 EDT 2010

> I do the primary work on the ldaptor Debian package these days. Tommy did not
> release a new version for years but has the mentioned git repository. The
> Debian svn repository at
> svn://svn.debian.org/python-modules/packages/ldaptor/trunk/ contains a series
> of patches in the debian/patches directory to fix some minor issues with
> ldaptor.
>> Is it OK to discuss Ldaptor on this list and to send patches here?
> I can not speak for the list but I'd like to get patches to incorporate them in
> the Debian package.

Thanks! I took a quick look at the patches and it looks like some of
these patches are already incorporated in the git repository. Perhaps
we could incorporate the rest and upgrade the debian package to a
newer version based on the git repo to reduce patches? In
debian/changelog in the git repo there is a version 0.0.44 and there
are changes also after that.

> I'll have a look at your changes later this week.

Thanks. Note that there is a 'master' branch with a couple of fairly
trivial changes and then a 'pu' (proposed updates) branch with an
additional change I'm not sure about and that I just posted to this

I'm mostly interested in the Twisted library part of Ldaptor and less
in the web UI and command line tools.

Best regards

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