[Twisted-Python] Ldaptor status and updates

Anton Gyllenberg anton at iki.fi
Wed Sep 1 06:13:33 EDT 2010

I want to use the Ldaptor LDAP client for a project. Does anybody know
whether and how Ldaptor is currently maintained and what the best
upstream source is? I need to make some changes and wonder what to
base the work on and where to discuss and publish changes.

Is it OK to discuss Ldaptor on this list and to send patches here?

The first google hit for ldaptor is
http://webmail.inoi.fi/open/trac/ldaptor but the SVN repo on that site
has last commit Sun May 7 2006. I found a git repo with newer commits
at http://eagain.net/gitweb/?p=ldaptor.git, last commit Sat Aug 23

I published some work-in-progress changes based on the git repo above at

Best regards

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