[Twisted-Python] SQL Abstraction Layer

Tim Van Steenburgh tvansteenburgh at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 09:21:28 EST 2006

Worth looking at: http://www.sqlobject.org

I've only been tinkering for a few days, and I haven't done anything
complicated with it (yet), but so far I am pleased.

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> > It's perfectly possible to use Twisted with an ORM or SQL sweetener of
> > your choice.
> what would help, i think, is some documentation/examples describing how
> this
> can be achieved with specific implementations. there's no reason this has
> to
> be in the official twisted documentation or written by twisted folks,
> necessarily, it would be good for it to just exist ;) dialtone's italian
> post shows the minimalistic example, but as he (through the translation)
> states, it probably won't be anywhere near as simple to use sqlalchemy's
> features.
> i am unsure whether i'll be using a fullblown ORM for the stuff i'm
> working
> on or just some query building facilities, but if nothing happens
> documentation-wise before i cross that bridge, i'll put up some examples
> of
> what i ended up doing.
> alternatively, does someone have experience/insights to share but has been
> keeping it on the down low? now's the time to come on out with it ;)
> -p
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