[Twisted-Python] SQL Abstraction Layer

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Tue Jan 17 08:58:36 EST 2006

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> It's perfectly possible to use Twisted with an ORM or SQL sweetener of 
> your choice.

what would help, i think, is some documentation/examples describing how this 
can be achieved with specific implementations. there's no reason this has to 
be in the official twisted documentation or written by twisted folks, 
necessarily, it would be good for it to just exist ;) dialtone's italian 
post shows the minimalistic example, but as he (through the translation) 
states, it probably won't be anywhere near as simple to use sqlalchemy's ORM 

i am unsure whether i'll be using a fullblown ORM for the stuff i'm working 
on or just some query building facilities, but if nothing happens 
documentation-wise before i cross that bridge, i'll put up some examples of 
what i ended up doing.

alternatively, does someone have experience/insights to share but has been 
keeping it on the down low? now's the time to come on out with it ;)


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