[Twisted-Python] SQL Abstraction Layer

Stephen Waterbury golux at comcast.net
Tue Jan 17 11:38:22 EST 2006

Paul G wrote:
> i am unsure whether i'll be using a fullblown ORM for the stuff i'm 
> working on or just some query building facilities, but if nothing 
> happens documentation-wise before i cross that bridge, i'll put up some 
> examples of what i ended up doing.
> alternatively, does someone have experience/insights to share but has 
> been keeping it on the down low? now's the time to come on out with it ;)

My twisted app uses both query-building and an ORM.
If anyone wants a look, a nightly tarball can be downloaded from

Query-mapping is in pangalactic.utils.sql
ORM is in pangalactic.repo.chronosynclastic

The sql.py module is easily usable outside of pangalactic,
and is just a way of building SQL statements from functions
-- pretty rudimentary, and only tested with postgresql.

The ORM is simple but is heavily dependent on the somewhat
unorthodox way pangalactic does metaobjects, so probably not
usable outside of pangalactic, but there might be some
ideas that could be used.

Docs (such as they are):  PanGalactic/doc/PgefManual.html
Comments welcome!


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