[Twisted-Python] [Request] IMAP Server Sample code

Andy Gayton andy at thecablelounge.com
Tue Mar 2 08:06:48 EST 2004

David Burton wrote:
> Hi guys, I'm new to the list, but I've had a look through the site and 
> the mailing list archives, looking for some sample code which would help 
> me in setting up the basics of an IMAP server - specifically to get mail 
> from a POP account (which is easy enough), store it in a database 
> (again, easy enough), and set up the interface to the database messages 
> (and possible other non-email goodies) using IMAP (currently not a clue). 

G'dday David, I'm pretty new myself.  Not sure if this is what you're 
after ... but Quotient, available from:


looks to be a good way along as an email server - though not quite 
production ready yet.  It supports fetching (consolidating) mail from 
both imap and pop servers and makes the consolidated mail available via 
pop, imap or web browser.


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