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Richard.Townsend at edl.uk.eds.com Richard.Townsend at edl.uk.eds.com
Tue Mar 2 10:57:28 EST 2004

I have a server application that creates a number of web resources (derived
from resource.Resource). Some of the resources only handle GET requests,
while others only handle POSTs.

Currently the resources only override the render() method. I want to change
them to override render_GET() or render_POST() as appropriate.

I notice that if a resource receives a request it doesn't handle, then an
UnsupportedMethod exception is raised. This returns HTML to the client
containing a message that uses UnsupportedMethod.allowedMethods. This
defaults to an empty tuple. 

Because my resources support different request methods, I have to set
allowedMethods in each resource's render() method e.g.

    def render(self, request):
        server.UnsupportedMethod.allowedMethods = ('POST',)
        resource.Resource.render(self, request)

So I still need to override the render() method. 

Is there a neater way to do this?

I'm using Twisted 1.2.0

Richard Townsend
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