[Twisted-Python] [Request] IMAP Server Sample code

David Burton david at zeos.org
Tue Mar 2 06:49:29 EST 2004

Hi guys, I'm new to the list, but I've had a look through the site and 
the mailing list archives, looking for some sample code which would help 
me in setting up the basics of an IMAP server - specifically to get mail 
from a POP account (which is easy enough), store it in a database 
(again, easy enough), and set up the interface to the database messages 
(and possible other non-email goodies) using IMAP (currently not a clue).
I've tried looking through the API and the source code, but I don't know 
what I should be returning from the likes of authenticateLogin to 
confirm (or refect logins), and what to return via listCapabilities (I'm 
currently . Any lists of which methods should generally work without 
overriding, which ones should be overridden, what needs to be returned, 
etc gratefully received.

I'm quite happy to play around a bit, so long as there's a little hint 
as to what kind of stuff should be returned - I'm really needing to get 
listing of capabilities and authentication figured out first of all, so 
if anyone can help...

(As an aside, the reason for the project is that my general impressions 
are that XMail is one of the few free POP3 mail servers on Windows, and 
very capable, but missing IMAP - I'm trying to create an extension to do 

Thanks in advance,
David Burton

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