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Protocol Interpreter for the File Transfer Protocol
Instance VariablesstateThe current server state. One of UNAUTH, INAUTH, AUTHED, RENAMING.
shellThe connected avatar
binaryThe transfer mode. If false, ASCII.
dtpFactoryGenerates a single DTP for this session
dtpPortPort returned from listenTCP
listenFactoryA callable with the signature of twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorTCP.listenTCP which will be used to create Ports for passive connections (mainly for testing).
passivePortRangeiterator used as source of passive port numbers. (type: iterator )
Method reply Undocumented
Method connectionMade Called when a connection is made.
Method connectionLost Called when the connection is shut down.
Method timeoutConnection Called when the connection times out.
Method lineReceived Override this for when each line is received.
Method processCommand Undocumented
Method getDTPPort Return a port for passive access, using self.passivePortRange attribute.
Method ftp_USER First part of login. Get the username the peer wants to authenticate as.
Method ftp_PASS Second part of login. Get the password the peer wants to authenticate with.
Method ftp_PASV Request for a passive connection
Method ftp_PORT Undocumented
Method ftp_LIST No summary
Method ftp_NLST No summary
Method ftp_CWD Undocumented
Method ftp_CDUP Undocumented
Method ftp_PWD Undocumented
Method ftp_RETR Undocumented
Method ftp_STOR Undocumented
Method ftp_SIZE Undocumented
Method ftp_MDTM Undocumented
Method ftp_TYPE Undocumented
Method type_A Undocumented
Method type_I Undocumented
Method type_UNKNOWN Undocumented
Method ftp_SYST Undocumented
Method ftp_STRU Undocumented
Method ftp_MODE Undocumented
Method ftp_MKD Undocumented
Method ftp_RMD Undocumented
Method ftp_DELE Undocumented
Method ftp_NOOP Undocumented
Method ftp_RNFR Undocumented
Method ftp_RNTO Undocumented
Method ftp_QUIT Undocumented
Method cleanupDTP call when DTP connection exits

Inherited from LineReceiver:

Method clearLineBuffer Clear buffered data.
Method dataReceived Protocol.dataReceived. Translates bytes into lines, and calls lineReceived (or rawDataReceived, depending on mode.)
Method setLineMode Sets the line-mode of this receiver.
Method setRawMode Sets the raw mode of this receiver. Further data received will be sent to rawDataReceived rather than lineReceived.
Method rawDataReceived Override this for when raw data is received.
Method sendLine Sends a line to the other end of the connection.
Method lineLengthExceeded Called when the maximum line length has been reached. Override if it needs to be dealt with in some special way.

Inherited from BaseProtocol (via LineReceiver, Protocol):

Method makeConnection Make a connection to a transport and a server.

Inherited from _PauseableMixin (via LineReceiver):

Method pauseProducing Undocumented
Method resumeProducing Undocumented
Method stopProducing Undocumented

Inherited from TimeoutMixin:

Method callLater Wrapper around reactor.callLater for test purpose.
Method resetTimeout Reset the timeout count down.
Method setTimeout Change the timeout period
Method __timedOut Undocumented
def reply(self, key, *args): (source)
def connectionMade(self): (source)

Called when a connection is made.

This may be considered the initializer of the protocol, because it is called when the connection is completed. For clients, this is called once the connection to the server has been established; for servers, this is called after an accept() call stops blocking and a socket has been received. If you need to send any greeting or initial message, do it here.
def connectionLost(self, reason): (source)

Called when the connection is shut down.

Clear any circular references here, and any external references to this Protocol. The connection has been closed.
Parametersreason (type: twisted.python.failure.Failure )
def timeoutConnection(self): (source)

Called when the connection times out.

Override to define behavior other than dropping the connection.
def lineReceived(self, line): (source)
Override this for when each line is received.
ParameterslineThe line which was received with the delimiter removed. (type: str )
def processCommand(self, cmd, *params): (source)
def getDTPPort(self, factory): (source)
Return a port for passive access, using self.passivePortRange attribute.
def ftp_USER(self, username): (source)
First part of login. Get the username the peer wants to authenticate as.
def ftp_PASS(self, password): (source)
Second part of login. Get the password the peer wants to authenticate with.
def ftp_PASV(self): (source)

Request for a passive connection

from the rfc:
   This command requests the server-DTP to "listen" on a data port
   (which is not its default data port) and to wait for a connection
   rather than initiate one upon receipt of a transfer command.  The
   response to this command includes the host and port address this
   server is listening on.
def ftp_PORT(self, address): (source)
def ftp_LIST(self, path=''): (source)
This command causes a list to be sent from the server to the passive DTP. If the pathname specifies a directory or other group of files, the server should transfer a list of files in the specified directory. If the pathname specifies a file then the server should send current information on the file. A null argument implies the user's current working or default directory.
def ftp_NLST(self, path): (source)
This command causes a directory listing to be sent from the server to the client. The pathname should specify a directory or other system-specific file group descriptor. An empty path implies the current working directory. If the path is non-existent, send nothing. If the path is to a file, send only the file name.
ParameterspathThe path for which a directory listing should be returned. (type: str )
Returnsa Deferred which will be fired when the listing request is finished. (type: Deferred )
def ftp_CWD(self, path): (source)
def ftp_CDUP(self): (source)
def ftp_PWD(self): (source)
def ftp_RETR(self, path): (source)
def ftp_STOR(self, path): (source)
def ftp_SIZE(self, path): (source)
def ftp_MDTM(self, path): (source)
def ftp_TYPE(self, type): (source)
def type_A(self, code): (source)
def type_I(self, code): (source)
def type_UNKNOWN(self, code): (source)
def ftp_SYST(self): (source)
def ftp_STRU(self, structure): (source)
def ftp_MODE(self, mode): (source)
def ftp_MKD(self, path): (source)
def ftp_RMD(self, path): (source)
def ftp_DELE(self, path): (source)
def ftp_NOOP(self): (source)
def ftp_RNFR(self, fromName): (source)
def ftp_RNTO(self, toName): (source)
def ftp_QUIT(self): (source)
def cleanupDTP(self): (source)
call when DTP connection exits
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