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Known subclasses: twisted.mail.imap4.IMAP4Client, twisted.mail.imap4.IMAP4Server, twisted.mail.pop3.POP3, twisted.mail.pop3client.POP3Client, twisted.mail.smtp.SMTP, twisted.mail.smtp.SMTPClient, twisted.protocols.ftp.FTP, twisted.protocols.memcache.MemCacheProtocol, twisted.protocols.postfix.PostfixTCPMapServer, twisted.web.http.HTTPChannel

Mixin for protocols which wish to timeout connections.

Protocols that mix this in have a single timeout, set using setTimeout. When the timeout is hit, timeoutConnection is called, which, by default, closes the connection.
Class VariablestimeOutThe number of seconds after which to timeout the connection.
Method callLater Wrapper around reactor.callLater for test purpose.
Method resetTimeout Reset the timeout count down.
Method setTimeout Change the timeout period
Method timeoutConnection Called when the connection times out.
Method __timedOut Undocumented
def callLater(self, period, func): (source)
Wrapper around reactor.callLater for test purpose.
def resetTimeout(self): (source)

Reset the timeout count down.

If the connection has already timed out, then do nothing. If the timeout has been cancelled (probably using setTimeout(None)), also do nothing.

It's often a good idea to call this when the protocol has received some meaningful input from the other end of the connection. "I've got some data, they're still there, reset the timeout".
def setTimeout(self, period): (source)
Change the timeout period
ParametersperiodThe period, in seconds, to change the timeout to, or None to disable the timeout. (type: int or NoneType )
def __timedOut(self): (source)
def timeoutConnection(self): (source)

Called when the connection times out.

Override to define behavior other than dropping the connection.
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