[Twisted-web] Splitting twisted-web from core twisted.

Thomas Mangin thomas.mangin at exa-networks.co.uk
Thu Apr 15 10:37:17 MDT 2004

> It's been pointed out before that twisted.web is an app server, not a
> protocol implementation, and thus there is justification for moving it
> outside of Twisted. What do the gurus think?

I will risk a modest outsider point of view - I am /not/ a twisted guru but I hope this does not reduce the value of my opinion.

A large part of what makes twisted attractive is the ease of implementation of services with it. Removing woven/nevow from twisted does not look like a good idea to me. It would mean that creating web services around twisted will become harder, which is something twisted is really good at.

Twisted is the best "glue" framework I have ever seen (it allow us to integrate LDAP, web, XMLRPC - and other things together in a /coherent/ manner.

It allowed us to develop our internal tools not like a patch of etherogenous scripts but like something coherent, easy to maintain and improve as nearly everything we needed was already there.

To provide you some background, our web server is currently implemented using woven - so my opinion may be biased but we are planning to port our code to Nevow when/if it is integrated.
Having the code of Nevow/Woven in the twisted tree mean that people using it are sure that it is kept in sync by the automatic build test and I think it is important that it stays here.

Now should you think that the old code should be replaced, I would suggest that you leave the current web code here, for people like me using it, but create a new www section (or whatever name)

For information, the reason I decided for twisted over other technology was:
* python as development language
* The quality of the framework in general
* number of protocol already available
* ease of integration of in house tools with the "built-in" webserver

As well, it meant that I could make sure that the time investment in learning twisted will be justified by it wide usage.

The only thing we missed was a radius library so we had to code our radius server from pyrad ... 
If we get around to clean it, I will make sure we submit it.

Hope it was not too much out of topic. I sincerely think that twisted is the best thing which happened to python since the birth of Guido, so keep on the good work.


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