[Twisted-Python] Woven example for article, Part II

Andrew Dalke dalke at dalkescientific.com
Fri May 30 01:47:07 EDT 2003

Itamar Shtull-Trauring:
> Typically, unless the module has a docstring saying the API is stable,
> it probably isn't. There will usually be a backwards compatability 
> layer
> if changes are made, though. Woven's been pretty good about that, and 
> is
> now settling down into stability.

How comfortable should I be with these modules?

conch/__init__.py:This module is unstable.
conch/authorizer.py:This module is unstable.
conch/error.py:This module is unstable.
conch/identity.py:This module is unstable.
cred/authorizer.py:Stability: semi-stable
cred/identity.py:Stability: semi-stable
cred/perspective.py:Stability: semi-stable
cred/service.py:Stability: semi-stable
cred/util.py:Stability: semi-stable
internet/defer.py:    API Stability: Unstable
internet/error.py:API Stability: semi-stable
internet/interfaces.py:API Stability: stable, other than IReactorUDP 
e) and
internet/interfaces.py:IReactorMulticast (unstable).
internet/interfaces.py:    This interface is semi-stable.
internet/interfaces.py:    This interface is semi-stable.
internet/interfaces.py:    This interface is semi-stable.
internet/protocol.py:API Stability: stable, other than ClientCreator.
internet/protocol.py:    The API for this class is not stable.
internet/protocol.py:    This class is unstable.
internet/protocol.py:    This class is unstable.
internet/pyuisupport.py:API Stability: unstable
internet/stdio.py:API Stability: semi-stable
internet/tksupport.py:API Stability: semi-stable
internet/udp.py:API Stability: unstable
internet/win32eventreactor.py:API Stability: semi-stable
names/client.py:API Stability: Unstable
names/resolve.py:API Stability: Unstable
names/server.py:API Stability: Unstable
news/database.py:Stability: semi-stable
news/news.py:Stability: semi-stable
protocols/basic.py:API Stability: semi-stable.
protocols/dns.py:API Stability: Unstable
protocols/ftp.py:Stability: semi-stable
protocols/ftp.py:    This class is unstable (it will be heavily 
refactored to su
pport dynamic
protocols/ftp.py:    This class is semi-stable.
protocols/http.py:API Stability: Server HTTP support is semi-stable, 
client HTTP
  is unstable.
protocols/imap4.py:API Stability: Semi-stable
protocols/irc.py:Stability: semi-stable.
protocols/msn.py:Stability: unstable.
protocols/nntp.py:Stability: semi-stable
protocols/oscar.py:This module is unstable.
protocols/policies.py:    """Stability: Unstable"""
protocols/policies.py:    """Stability: Unstable"""
protocols/policies.py:    Stability: Unstable
protocols/policies.py:    Stability: Unstable
python/roots.py:Stability: Unstable
runner/__init__.py:Stability: semi-stable
runner/inetd.py:Stability: semi-stable
runner/inetdtap.py:Stability: semi-stable
spread/__init__.py:Stability: semi-stable
spread/banana.py:Stability: semi-stable
spread/banana.py:Future Plans: This module is almost entirely stable.  
The same
caveat applies
spread/flavors.py:Stability: semi-stable
spread/jelly.py:Stability: semi-stable
spread/newjelly.py:Stability: semi-stable
spread/pb.py:Stability: semi-stable
spread/publish.py:Stability: semi-stable
spread/refpath.py:Stability: semi-stable
web/guard.py:This code is unstable and will probably be reimplemented 
at some point.
web/soap.py:API Stability: unstable
web/xmlrpc.py:API Stability: semi-stable
words/service.py:Future Plans: Woah boy.  This module is incredibly 
unstable.  I
t has an
words/tendril.py:Stability: No more stable than 

Some of these semi-stable modules

By your definition, the following are the only stable modules

internet/abstract.py:API Stability: stable
internet/app.py:API Stability: stable
internet/base.py:API Stability: stable
internet/default.py:API Stability: stable
internet/defer.py:API Stability: stable
internet/fdesc.py:API Stability: stable
internet/gtk2reactor.py:API Stability: stable
internet/gtkreactor.py:API Stability: stable
internet/javareactor.py:API Stability: stable
internet/kqreactor.py:API Stability: stable
internet/pollreactor.py:API Stability: stable
internet/protocol.py:API Stability: stable, other than ClientCreator.
internet/qtreactor.py:API Stability: stable
internet/ssl.py:API Stability: stable
internet/threads.py:API Stability: stable
internet/wxsupport.py:API Stability: stable
protocols/toc.py:This module is stable, but deprecated.
runner/inetdconf.py:Stability: stable
spread/banana.py:Future Plans: This module is almost entirely stable.  
The same caveat applies

And what about modules which are not marked as stable or unstable?

% grep -i stable enterprise/*

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