[Twisted-web] some questions about twisted.web

Alex Clemesha clemesha at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 15:47:03 EDT 2009

> So we have Woven, Nevow, web, and web2.  It's a giant mess.
Totally agreed, FWIW.

> unclear to users which thing is the current thing,
I was this user a couple years ago.  I knew that twisted had so much
more greatness that just web, but others may not.
I personally kept with it, which has paid off huge dividends.

although there has
> been quite a bit of everyone pointing to twisted.web lately.  They all
> have their own problems, and it's not clear to me that backwards
> compatibility is a great thing here.   The problem space is well
> understood now, or at least better understood than several years back,
> and most of these were designed beforehand.   Let legacy users add
> "from twisted.legacy import web" and let's make something actually
> useful in its place.
Yes, please!

> What I love about twisted.web is that for the most part, it's
> extremely simple and easy to work with.  I should note that it's
> awesome that I was able to write a small proxying web server in so few
> lines.  It's just slightly frustrating that it is plagued by all these
> little issues.

Alex Clemesha

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