[Twisted-web] Can't Send email to rediffmail server!!

Abby abbysecured at atlantisgoose.com
Thu May 29 00:50:59 EDT 2008

    I am curently pursuing Master's in Computer Science from India. as i was working with Twisted Framework, a very powerful 
python framework, was not able to send email to rediffmail.com and yahoo mail server. The mail sent considered to be a 
SPAM,rejected by their server and entered in the records of www.spamhaus.org. But on the brighter side i successfully sent emails 
to cooltoad mail server as well as gmail server. previously i spent my time in configuring my mail server on my site and i found 
that my mail server was not announcing a proper HELO/EHLO. Also configured the server Authentication. Still am not able to send 
emails to these servers. it would be a great pleasure to hear a solution from twisted framework fine programmers.

i am using a Apache JAMES mail server.

Thanking you


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