[Twisted-web] Question about url rewriting

Gordon Scott gscott2112 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 14:25:53 CDT 2006

Hi I'm looking into using twisted and possibly twisted web in a small
project I'm doing.

I've been fumbling through the documentation trying to figure out how url
rewriting works, or a way to short circuit request processing.

Bascially I want to serve dynamic images but the clients are all expecting
pretty urls that end in the correct file extension.

An example might be


where 600x800 and watermark are file parameters

since obviously I won't have '600x800', 'watermark', and 'file_a.png' as
resources I either need to stop processing with the 'image' resource,  or

rewrite the request as  /image/getImage.rpy?size=600x800&wm=watermark

But I can't seem to find an example of terminating a request early or how to
correctlly setup the a rewrite object.

If anyone knows of where to go look at examples of such usage that would be
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