[Twisted-web] Re: fragments with child lookup

Nicola Larosa nico at tekNico.net
Thu Oct 12 16:12:41 CDT 2006

[warning: unabashed fanboyism follows, can't help it :-) ]

L. Daniel Burr wrote:
> That said, nevow could certainly use some help in documenting what the
> "best practices" are, for building both nevow sites, and nevow apps.
> I have long had good intentions about helping in this area, but I have
> so far failed to find time to do it.

Man, you definitely need to write more docs, you're good. :-)

> WSGI.  This is one that I am virtually certain to be alone on.

No, you're not. :-)

> The
> fact is, some very smart people came up with WSGI.  Another fact is
> that some very smart people came up with SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, etc.

And some even smarter people (Roy Fielding) just looked at the Web, and
described it under the REST moniker.

> Seriously, the whole pluggability, freedom-of-choice thing is a bunch
> of nonsense.  Who the hell cares if you can plug stuff together, when
> it all has to plug together in the same way?  Any color you want, as
> long as it is black.

Well, that's true for any purported standard. The point is, is it a useful

> Also, I've been using twisted since version 0.9 or so, and WSGI is
> very honest about saying that it doesn't really have anything useful
> to contribute to the async model of web development.  WSGI is really
> great for those people who like threads, and that's great for them.

No, it's not.

> For people who prefer async architectures, WSGI will never be a good
> fit.  Note that web2 does support WSGI, but in order to do so, it
> has to give up most of the value of being async.

Exactly, and that's why it's not useful.

> Many people will disagree with my stance on these topics, I'm sure.
> On the other hand, this rant is so long that many will simply avoid
> responding ;)

And some others will stand up and cheer. :-)

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