[Twisted-web] starting up with twisted.web2

Jp Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Tue Sep 20 15:49:54 MDT 2005

On Wed, 21 Sep 2005 02:56:22 +0800, Boh Yap <bhyz00 at gmail.com> wrote:
>I'm a newbie with Twisted, and having messed around a bit with
>Tisted-1.3.0, I recently moved over to Twisted Web2.

  Sounds like there's some confusion here.  There's Twisted 2.0, the successor to Twisted 1.3.  Then there's Twisted Web2, the yet-unreleased successor to Twisted Web.  Twisted Web2 almost certainly will not work with Twisted 1.3.  If you want to try out Web2, you need to install Twisted 2.0.

>a few things did'nt work (like they did in Twisted-1.3.0:
>1.   I can't seem to 'mktap web' anymore, the reply I get is
>       Unknown command: web
>       without web.tap, how do I run a .rpy resource?
>       I find this useful for testing and debugging.

  Once you install the right version of various things, you should regain the ability to make web taps.  However, these will not give you a Web2 server.  You may not even want a Web2 server, though.  It's not clear whether you were attempting to experiment with Twisted 2.0 or Twisted Web2.

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