[Twisted-web] starting up with twisted.web2

Boh Yap bhyz00 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 20 12:56:22 MDT 2005


I'm a newbie with Twisted, and having messed around a bit with
Tisted-1.3.0, I recently moved over to Twisted Web2.

a few things did'nt work (like they did in Twisted-1.3.0:

1.   I can't seem to 'mktap web' anymore, the reply I get is
       Unknown command: web

       without web.tap, how do I run a .rpy resource?
       I find this useful for testing and debugging.

2.   I managed to build my resource apps. into python modules, but I
miss being able to get tracebacks on the browser for debugging. Can I
get the browser to display Tracebacks?

3.   What will be the root directory for the twisted web app, assuming
the app is in a dir. like:
         /var/www/html/,     and run with    twistd -ny someapp.py  
from that dir.

     I need this because my references to styles etc... no longer
work. I have tried defining
     first as relative, then as absolute paths, but it still dose'nt work.

4.  I can't seem to sepcifiy a path for the logfile, if I follow the
example given in the docs.
          site = server.Site(static.File(WWWROOT), logPath=LOGPATH)

      I get an error:
          Failed to load application: __init__() got an unexpected
keyword argument 'logPath'

would appreciate it very much if soemone could shed some light on
this. Am starting on a new project and wld like to give twisted.web2 a

When I get all this to work.. will do up some docs and post this up...
perhaps it could contribute to TechnoTurkey
<http://twisted.paisite.com> which I came across on this maillist..

thanks ...

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