Possible removal of ctx from inevow.IResource (was Re: [Twisted-web] access control feature, ctx removal from locateChild and renderHTTP, what's going on?)

Matt Goodall matt at pollenation.net
Sat Sep 3 03:03:16 MDT 2005

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Tommi Virtanen wrote:


> <exarkun> Tv: it'll break when ctx is removed as an argument to
> locateChild et al
> ...
> <Tv> exarkun: err, wouldn't a _lot_ break with that change?
> <exarkun> Tv: yes!  but this, too.
> <Tv> well, I can make it give a wrapper resource from locateChild
> <Tv> that does the access checking at render time..
> <exarkun> ctx will be removed from renderHTTP at about the same time
> <Tv> so huh
> <Tv> 1) what's the reasoning behind that
> <Tv> 2) what, then?
> <exarkun> those questions are big and I have to catch a bus

Jp, I assume you caught you bus now ;-) so please could you post your
ideas about removing the context arg from IResource.

That is a *major* change that would affect every single Nevow
application so it needs proper discussion, including how to handle
backwards compatability.

Thanks, Matt

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