[Twisted-web] access control feature, ctx removal from locateChild and renderHTTP, what's going on?

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Sep 2 07:56:10 MDT 2005

Hi. As everyone seems to either asleep or leaving IRC _right_ _now_,
and I do really want some review and answers, I'm pasting this bit
from IRC here. Hopefully someone will have more time to reply in this
more asynchronous medium..

<Tv> Hey, I really want someone to review my access control thingie.
<Tv> Nevow/sandbox/tv/access, people!
<radix> anyway! good inght
* radix flees to sleep.
<exarkun> Tv: it'll break when ctx is removed as an argument to
locateChild et al
<Tv> exarkun: err, wouldn't a _lot_ break with that change?
<exarkun> Tv: yes!  but this, too.
<Tv> well, I can make it give a wrapper resource from locateChild
<Tv> that does the access checking at render time..
<exarkun> ctx will be removed from renderHTTP at about the same time
<Tv> so huh
<Tv> 1) what's the reasoning behind that
<Tv> 2) what, then?
<exarkun> those questions are big and I have to catch a bus

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