[Twisted-web] Re: Introduction, newbie confusion plus an offer

lloyd at paisite.com lloyd at paisite.com
Thu Jul 7 10:24:42 MDT 2005

To Simon Hedberg:

Hi Simon,

> can you tell me more about the scope of the document(s) you are
> planning?  (Ie, is it setting up a server, creating webpages or using
> the components of twisted.web or something else?).

Excellent question.

-- As Step 1 I'd like to cover all that a newbie like me needs to know to
set up an efficient, secure, scalable web-server.

-- As Step 2 I'd like to cover how to build high-styled web pages through
form-based editors

-- As Step 3 I'd like to cover how to integrate modular applications into
those pages, such things, in my case, as conference registrations

-- As Step 4, should we get there, I'd like to explore other aspects of
Twisted that can add really cool and fun functionality to my web pages.

I can see two approaches, and welcome input from all:

1) Work through current documentation, asking questions about things that
confuse me and providing the answers/clarifications as a rewrite of
current documentation

2) Develop totally parallel documents

Since this would be an on-going project, the next question is how best or
organize it. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Some possibilities:

1) Submit my questions to the mail-list. Consolidate and re-write
responses. Submit suggested "patches" to current documention.

2) Start a new document on my site or one of the Twisted sites. Write what
I understand with questions about what I don't. Invite clarifications
through the mail-list.

3) Perhaps there's already a documentation process already in place that I
don't know about; e.g. I don't know enough yet to understand the
capabilities of Lore nor how to use it. Maybe this is a place to start.

In short, I'm just a guy with lots of questions who'd like to contribute
what he can to help the community while pursuing his own mastery of

Please let me know how you think this can best be pursued?

Best wishes,


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