[Twisted-web] Error: nevow_clientToServerEvent is not defined (Firefox JS Console)

Matt Goodall matt at pollenation.net
Fri Jul 1 03:39:27 MDT 2005

Michael M wrote:
> Thanks, it did help. I have attached a stan version for anybody else
> that comes across this thread.
> I did notice when upgrading to the svn branch you recommended
> (svn://divmod.org/svn/Nevow/branches/dp/livepage-completion-notification-3),
> that addSlash seems to be required on root objects but not on
> children. Where do I look to find information on what addSlash does, (
> I know it is probably obvious but still I haven't seen it in my
> wanderings yet :).

addSlash is semi-documented in the .txt docs dp wrote, see 

Basically, addSlash=True forces a redirect when a resource is requested 
without the trailing slash. addSlash serves two main purposes:

   * Relative URLs become manageable.
   * Directory-like resources can process the trailing '' segment and
     choose to render a listing or a default resource such as index.html.

Browsers append a slash when requesting the root resource of a site so 
it makes sense for root resources to be addSlash=True.

> Last questions, 
> 1.) Is this the main branch for livepage development?


> 2.) is this branch likely to change before 0.5?

Yes, but probably not too much ... although dp might have different 
ideas about that.

> 3.) If so how can I be notified, or do I just watch this list? 

Subsribe to the nevow commits list.


> 4.) Is the api for livepage likely to change much or is it just in
> need of more general development?

I'll let dp answer this more but I think that branch is about finalising 
the livepage API. The old API had a few problems, especially around 
error handling.

> Thanks in advance. 
> <dribble_warning>
> I looked at nevow when it was version 0.1 and couldn't make much sense
> of it so I tried apache + mod_python and then tried to develop my own
> pure python web application setup. I ran into problems, then thought I
> would checkout nevow again. When I looked at it I realised that it
> solved all the problems I was having in a brilliant way. There are
> very few pieces of software that have made me as excited as nevow has.
> I guess I had to try to solve the problems first before I appreciated
> what you guys already solved. So thanks and keep up the brilliant
> work.
> </dribble_warning>

Welcome aboard :)

Cheers, Matt

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