[Twisted-web] Matt's "forms" - validation error when field name is not ASCII

Paul Reznicek maillists at ivsn.com
Sat Dec 10 10:43:28 MST 2005

Tristan Seligmann wrote:
> * Paul Reznicek <maillists at ivsn.com> [2005-12-10 13:10:25 +0100]:
>> ...
>>    form.addField('währung', forms.String(required=True))
>> ...
> The attached patch doesn't seem right at all, to me; if it does actually
> do the right thing, then it seems to me you should just be passing a
> unicode string in the first place. In other words:
>     form.addField(u'währung', forms.String(required=True))
> ...

Yes, this is a way too, but than you must take care in each
".addField(" line, my patch save those sorrows ...


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