[Twisted-web] Garbage SSL application data

Joshua Boverhof JRBoverhof at lbl.gov
Thu Aug 18 01:51:24 MDT 2005

Tommi Virtanen wrote:

>Joshua Boverhof wrote:
>>I'm using the twisted.web.getPage for https, but for some reason garbage
>>application data is preceeding the data I'm specifying (it completes the
>>handshake).   This is causing a java server to bomb because it is
>>expecting a POST or GET command:  It does a readLine, gets nothing and
>>throws an IOException.
>>A twisted.web server digests the message w/o problem, apparently it's
>>ignoring the garbage bytes (which change w/each invocation).
>Hearing that "twisted parses this ok, my custom HTTP implementation
>doesn't" always makes me suspicious. Maybe you should try dropping the
>SSL, just to see how things behave without it.

that works just fine.  I'm only having a problem w/HTTPS via 
twisted.web.client.  I can use httplib.HTTPSConnection just fine, it 
doesn't have the "garbage" ssl application data.

It's a globus-4.0.1 SOAP Axis server, not my custom HTTP implementation, 
that is having trouble with twisted.web.client

>>I'm also getting a few failures w/ "twisted.test.test_ssl".  I'm
>>interpretting the error message below "startTLS doesn't empty buffer
>>before starting TLS. :(" as the cause of my problem...
>HTTP doesn't use STARTTLS.
I figure if there are problems w/ test_ssl it's probably got something 
to do w/my problem...

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