[Twisted-web] Garbage SSL application data

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Aug 17 23:54:55 MDT 2005

Joshua Boverhof wrote:
> I'm using the twisted.web.getPage for https, but for some reason garbage
> application data is preceeding the data I'm specifying (it completes the
> handshake).   This is causing a java server to bomb because it is
> expecting a POST or GET command:  It does a readLine, gets nothing and
> throws an IOException.
> A twisted.web server digests the message w/o problem, apparently it's
> ignoring the garbage bytes (which change w/each invocation).

Hearing that "twisted parses this ok, my custom HTTP implementation
doesn't" always makes me suspicious. Maybe you should try dropping the
SSL, just to see how things behave without it.

> I'm also getting a few failures w/ "twisted.test.test_ssl".  I'm
> interpretting the error message below "startTLS doesn't empty buffer
> before starting TLS. :(" as the cause of my problem...

HTTP doesn't use STARTTLS.

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