[Twisted-web] Load balancing twisted web.

Syver Enstad syver at inout.no
Wed Sep 1 09:36:38 MDT 2004

Hi! I am running a custom twisted server application that uses twisted
web. To improve performance sometime in the future I am interested in
scaling up by adding more instances of the server, but this requires
load balancing. Very simple load balancing is likely to not work very
well since I use the session facilities in twisted web.

As I see it I have a couple of options:

Build my own session mechanism that uses persistent storage shared by
all servers (I am using ZODB already so it is easy to store objects).

Get some kind of load balancer program that takes care of server
affinity by remembering which server has which session id.

Write a load balancer program that does the same.

As far as I know load balancer hardware is out of the question since I
use HTTPS and from what I have heard this is not supported my
inexpensive load balancer hardware.

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