[Twisted-web] Diagraming Twisted apps

Sergio Trejo serj_trejo at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 1 07:47:02 MDT 2004


I just got around to trying out your suggestion of UML diagrams of my 
Twisted application (PyUmlGraph and graphviz). I have both applications 
working, but PyUmlGraph requires a running python application. I tried using 
PyUmlGraph with a .tac file that I had started as a twistd daemon. This .tac 
file contains code that instantiates a few Portals (and Realms tied to the 
Portals) for the purpose of running a Perspective Broker Server (listening 
on a specific port). PyUmlGraph seems limited because it only captures 
intantiated objects at run time (thus the python code that PyUmlGraph runs 
must have all of the objects of interest instantiated based on the moment 
that PyUmlGraph runs the code through the python interpreter). Thus, if you 
have a Twisted (PB Server) application running and TCP listening to a port 
(I.e., port 8000), sinces its waiting for asynchronous responses (such as 
from a PB Client connection and login), I don't know of any way to run 
PyUmlGraph in order to capture the objects that are instantiated by an 
asynchronous trigger. Maybe I'm missing something. Do you have any 
suggestions on how to use PyUmlGraph in this regard?



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>On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 10:51:12AM -0400, Sergio Trejo wrote:
>| Has anyone tried using Dia?
>I use graphviz and a UML graphing tool based on its dot files.
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