[Twisted-web] Twisted vs Webware

Tom Fillmore tfillmor at socalbahai.org
Fri Oct 22 13:55:31 MDT 2004

Hi - 

I have a couple on the drawing board - one will be a _very_ data intensive app for commercial real estate, while the other will be a front end to a text search engine for various types of text/writings, with PDF output, etc.  The commercial real estate app would sustain a fair level of hits (several hundred per hour to start I am imagining), the other significantly less.



On Fri, 22 Oct 2004 15:37:43 -0400
"Clark C. Evans" <cce at clarkevans.com> wrote:

> Tom,
> It would depend on what sort of application you are constructing.
> What did you have in mind?
> Clark
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