[Twisted-Python] Twisted source, changes and social analysis

Jonathan Stoppani jonathan at stoppani.name
Thu Mar 28 13:16:15 EDT 2013

Hello everybody (with access to the Trac DB),

I am currently doing my master thesis on the "analysis and management
of change propagation in complex systems". I'm concentrating my
efforts on software-based complex systems.

As part of my analysis, I gather data from different domains, such as
dependencies between modules of the source code, interactions between
people (like, for example, this mailing list) and change requests (in
this specific case, issues and tickets on an issue tracking system).

A couple of weeks ago I asked on IRC if it would be possible to get
the Trac data from twistedmatrix.com and I was told to write a script
to dump the database by excluding sensitive information.

The script is up for review and auditing over here:


It can be run by saving it to a .py file or directly with the following command:

curl -s https://gist.github.com/GaretJax/5264941/raw/c478c2c4ec39cdb4bc3ceeb05d57a31063a0a486/dump-trac.py
| python - <projenv> <outfile>

(by replacing the two arguments: trac base directory and the output file).

There are no privacy concerns, as all data being analyzes is publicly
available, either in the repository, in the mailing list archives or
on twistedmatrix.com

After being reviewed, can someone with access to the server please run
it for me?


P.S.: If someone would like more details about the research, a draft
of the project statement can be found here:

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