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Ray Cote rgacote at appropriatesolutions.com
Thu Apr 19 13:53:09 EDT 2012

How many IPs does this require? 
Is this a standard tower-type system or rack mount. 
If it is just a case of plugging it into the net, we can move that up to our office in the interim. 
However, we really don't have rack mount capability. 
NH, but I figure that's close enough--:} 

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> I'm leaving my home in the Boston metro area, and moving
> cross-country. This move should take at least a couple of weeks.

> I currently host buildbots for many of our supported platforms;
> everything with a 'bot-glyph-*' in front of it on this page: <
> http://buildbot.twistedmatrix.com/buildslaves >, and also
> bot-exarkun-1. So, when I move (at the latest, 6 weeks from now)
> these will all go offline.

> We need a volunteer who either:

> 1. lives somewhere in massachusetts and can plug these in to an
> ethernet port
> 2. wants to re-set-up all of these buildbots on some new hosting

> The somewhat less palatable option 3 is to just let much of our build
> infrastructure be offline for a month.

> -glyph
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