[Twisted-Python] Lore to Sphinx Conversion Progress Report 5

Kevin Horn kevin.horn at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 13:15:46 EST 2010

This time on "How the Docs Conversion Turns"...

Moving along at about the same pace, but this time have some very visible

Here's the latest:

    - The generated toctree directives now preserve the order of the links
      from the original source documents.  This makes the "prev"/"next"
      work in a sane fashion in the resulting Sphinx docs.

    - Comments in Lore docs are now translated properly.

    - You want Trac integration?  I got your Trac integration right here!


      OK, so it's not quite done yet, but I was pretty impressed at the
      results of what amounts to about a day's work.  It still needs some
      tweaks here and there, but I'm mostly satisfied with it.  If there
      are any CSS gurus out there who are willing to take a look at this,
      there are a few spots that are giving me fits.  Send me an email or
      look me up on IRC.

      In any case, I'd appreciate it if everyone would take a look and
      tell me what they think.

      (Disclaimer: I haven't really tested this in anything but Firefox,
      for a brief glance in IE, so if people could test it out in Safari,
      that would be helpful)

    - The previous look (which was just the default theme, with a color
      scheme to match the Twisted website) has been moved into it's own
      Sphinx theme.  Sphinx's theme inheritance made this really easy.
      This way people can build the docs with the "old" look if they wish,
      or maybe we can use it for docs tarballs or .CHM files or something.

Still to come:

    - <code class="API"> tags still need handling.

    - Certain links need special handling as they don't quite display

    - "Inline markup" still needs a bit more work.

    - XHTML entities need resolving, but as I've mentioned previously, this
      will probably be the very last thing I address.

All in all, I think this is starting to come together.  I'm hoping to have
the rest completed by PyCon, but if I don't manage that, I'll probably
sprint on this on Monday.

code is here: http://bitbucket.org/khorn/lore2sphinx/

current converted docs here: http://twistedsphinx.funsize.net/

Until next time..

Kevin Horn
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