[Twisted-Python] Lore to Sphinx Conversion Progress Report 5

Terry Jones terry at jon.es
Fri Feb 5 14:00:27 EST 2010

Hi Kevin

I think this is looking really good. Here are a few superficial / quick

 - It looks fine under Google chrome

 - You could reduce visual repetition / density of some of the high-level
   pages by taking out a word like "Documentation" which appears in the
   heading and on every line of things like this:

         Twisted Documentation Table of Contents
            Twisted Conch Documentation
            Twisted Core Documentation
            Historical Documents
            Twisted Lore Documentation
            Twisted Mail Documentation
            Twisted Names Documentation
            Twisted Pair Documentation
            Twisted VFS Documentation
            Twisted Web Documentation
            Twisted Web2 Documentation
            Twisted Words Documentation

   See also http://twistedsphinx.funsize.net/contents.html which is very
   cluttered with repeated content.

   I realize these are probably just being picked up out of the .rst header
   line, and that one of those documents when seen in isolation probably
   should have a full title. I'm not sure how best to simplify the
   top-level, though I guess it's possible to extend the sphinx layout.html
   and override something... may be more trouble than it's worth.

 - I think it would improve appearance a little to have a non-intrusive
   border around the green source code boxes.

I'll see if I can find/make time to have a look at the CSS.


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