[Twisted-Python] Using Twisted and GTK2

Free Ekanayaka free at 64studio.com
Wed Feb 3 09:28:52 EST 2010


|--==> On Wed, 03 Feb 2010 13:48:39 +0100, Ramiro Alba Queipo <raq at cttc.upc.edu> said:

  RAQ> Hi everybody,
  RAQ> I recently new about Twisted and saw it as the best way to deal with a
  RAQ> client/server network application (I use python long time ago). Really
  RAQ> wonderful. I now intend to write a GTK client that can send commands and
  RAQ> transfers files to the server and from it.
  RAQ> I started to learn how to write applications not using 'Perspective
  RAQ> Broker', but when I reached to the example pbgtk2.py to authenticate and
  RAQ> send echo commands, I could no see a way the same with a PB. Is that
  RAQ> true?. Is, anyway the best alternative (I mean PB) to write the
  RAQ> application I intend to?

If you don't need all the features of PB and something simpler is
enough, you might want to consider AMP:




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