[Twisted-Python] getPeer() inside conch

Benjamin Rutt rutt.4 at osu.edu
Mon Sep 28 20:10:33 EDT 2009

Hello.  I'm moderately experienced with twisted, and am starting out writing
an ssh server using conch.  I'm writing a protocol which inherits from the
recvline.HistoricRecvLine class. It has connectionMade() and lineReceived()
methods so it feels a lot like the twisted.protocols.basic.LineReceiver
class I'm used to using.

But, it seems the recvline.HistoricRecvLine class wants me to use
self.terminal rather than self.transport to talk to the client.  That's
fine, but it seems that self.terminal lacks a getPeer() method.  How do I
find out the IP address of the client inside a conch ssh server?  (For
starters, I wish to log all successful client connections so I know who's

I searched and found the below issue.  I assume it is related, but could
someone confirm?


Benjamin Rutt
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