[Twisted-Python] Can I post a consultant request here?

Alex Clemesha clemesha at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 03:36:11 EDT 2009

Hi Steve,

>        I'm looking for a very short-term mentoring/consulting contract to
> help me get an Ajax/Comet type of connection working between a web
> interface and a fairly long-running, server-side process.
>        I want the web interface to reflect the server-side data as it
> becomes available.
>        I'm sure someone on this list knows exactly how to hook the pieces
> together; I don't.
>        It would be much more efficient to have someone who already knows
> help me hook it up instead of spending an unpredictable amount of time
> figuring it out myself.
>        I'd also like to have, as a primary product of this project, a
> tutorial showing a real-world application of Twisted to handle a
> modern, real-world use-case with full, open, well documented source
> code.

I wanted to mention a project that I've been hacking that I think fits
the bill of what you are looking for.  Here is my current description of
what it is: " A very complete example of how to a create a realtime
web application using Django + Orbited + Twisted."

Currently the code is a glorified example (it nearly could be called a
'complete app')
and that is: "Realtime Voting Both - Realtime Voting, Chatting, and
Editing Polls."

The code is here:

and it is basically a "larger, more complete example" than the one I
did some months
ago, described here (you (Steve) have made a couple very helpful
comments there so I
know that you know of it's existence):

So, in the spirit of "release early and iterate", I invite you to go
play with it: http://github.com/clemesha/hotdot
It has some really cool parts (Django running from twisted.web.wsgi,
Orbited as a Twisted Service, authentication
using Twisted Cred+Django models, filtering/modification/logging of
in-transit Orbited messages, etc) but it is
also 'not done' and has some remaining 'crufty parts' (which others
might have great ideas on how to improve on :-).
I plan to continue to improve on it, and fairly soon I'll do a formal
write-up/blog-post on the whole thing, but for
now any feedback is appreciated.


>        If you're interested, please contact me off-list at
> ssteinerx at gmail.com.
> Thanks,
> S

Alex Clemesha

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