[Twisted-Python] Conch, getting the avatarId, session number, and terminal protocol instance of all connected users.

asset asset at impactdamage.com
Sat Jul 4 05:11:36 EDT 2009

Ive been at it for several days now trying to get at the username 
(avatarId), session id (SSHChannel session # I imagine), and terminal 
protocol instance (recvline.HistoricRecvLine) of my application's SSH 
terminal service's clients.  Specifically, I'm trying to expose these three 
things (for all connected users) to my terminal commands which are using 
the plugin system.

I'm not considerably far off from this example for the setup, 
.tac, minus the telnet support.

For the life of me I can't seem to determine how best to approach this.  
Ive come as far as getting a list of the terminal recvline.HistoricRecvLine 
instances and then being able to manipulate the client terminals directly, 
but I need the usernames from the avatars and session id as well.

I imagine this is a pretty common and simple thing, so I'm hoping that 
somebody can point me in the right direction.  Please help if you can.


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