[Twisted-Python] Memcache client issues

Reza Lotun rlotun at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 19:35:17 EST 2009

Hi Drew,

> Please proceed with utmost caution if you choose to use tx.memcache - I
> wrote this for a small utility script for a project that got axed, and I'm
> not using memcache for any production apps now.  So, due to it not being
> fully complete, tested in production, or even unit tested, expect the same
> level of grandness in terms of stability.

Thanks for writing it, by the way. When I first got around to playing
with memcached in my Twisted app, your project was really the only
thing out there that I could find that spoke Twisted and memcached. It
was a great place to *start* in terms of customizing something for my
own needs.

> The hashing function is pluggable, and it worked fine for my purposes.

Well, the default hashing function is quite slow. If I was dealing
with a Twisted-only memcached integration, I would probably use the
built-in python hash function. If I were integrating with other apps
sharing the same memcached pool - like a Django web app - I would  use
the python-memcache server hash for sure.


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