[Twisted-Python] Twisted XMPP Roadmap

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Thu Sep 4 04:58:14 MDT 2008

Ralph Meijer wrote:
> On 2008-09-04 09:55, Phil Mayers wrote:
>> Agreed. When I did some work recently to implement the client side of 
>> pubsub, I found that mailing list moribund and gave up on the idea of 
>> asking for help there.
> Hey Phil,
> that sounds nice. Have you looked at all at the stuff that currently 
> resides in Wokkel (and, as part of this grand effort will eventually end 
> up in Twisted Words)? The pubsub protocol there is the stuff I've been 
> working on most. I mostly focused on the component side (for 
> implementing Idavoll), but there is good client support in there as 
> well. You can also drop me a line via Jabber.

I did look at wokkel. I must be honest, first time round I found it a 
bit difficult to decipher, though that might be because it took a while 
to realise that lots of the pieces were in fact server-side ;o)

Once I'd gone to the effort of re-inventing the wheel however, a 2nd 
look back at wokkel made a lot more sense, and I'll certainly use it 
instead of the code I wrote.

The actual project was for ESB-like use, though that's now been put on 
hold (frankly I think XMPP pubsub might be a little new for that, and 
will probably look at ActiveMQ. It didn't help that ejabberd's 
collections are "funny").

What I *did* end up doing was start on a basic Nevow/Athena XMPP client 
with basic roster/message functions and also pubsub support. That might 
make a nice example app.

The notion of an all-twisted XMPP server is intriguing, especially if 
some integration with http://pypi.python.org/pypi/txLoadBalancer were to 

> That said, yeah the list might have been somewhat quiet, partly because 
> I have been bad at communicating what I've been up to recently. It does 
> have about 50 people subscribing to it, and I am so far not convinced 
> that all of them would want to be dragged into general Twisted discussions.

Thinking about it, you're probably right - the list has been quiet 
because not much has been going on, but that doesn't mean it need remain 
quiet if things are now going to be moving.

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