[Twisted-Python] LDAP server based on python

Tommi Virtanen tv at eagain.net
Fri Jan 25 11:57:21 EST 2008

On Mon, Jan 21, 2008 at 04:53:00PM +0100, xavier dutoit wrote:
> If I read properly, the ldap server is something for testing, but not
> production ready (eg no security/acl implemented by default). Am I
> right ? Did Ottavio Campana manage to have something working and did
> he publish the result of his modifications ?

Yup, status of server-side features for Ldaptor can be summarized as:

- low-level protocol works well and should be stable

- higher-level stuff like actually storing data, handling LDAP
  datatypes, schemas, etc, and access control are pretty much

My personal & business needs have been pretty much covered by what
code is already in Ldaptor, so I'm not actively developing it further,
and am unlikely to do that as a hobby in the near future (too many
other things to hack!) However, I can be persuaded into doing that on
a contract basis.

:(){ :|:&};:

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