[Twisted-Python] LDAP server based on python

xavier dutoit xavier at sydesy.com
Mon Jan 21 10:53:00 EST 2008


My goal is to be able to access contacts that are into a (open source)
CRM from any LDAP compatible client (mostly email clients that can
access an LDAP server as a shared contact database).

This is a fairly simple LDAP server, mostly implementing search on
emails and get contacts back (+a very simple ACL).

I read a post from Tommi Virtanen a (few) years ago
And found more information on :
I've svn checkouted ldaptor, and did find ldaptor/protocols/ldap/ldapserver.py

However, I'm kind of lost now and didn't find any examples (or
discussion), and was wondering about the status of the ldap server. If
this is still active, could you tell me where to find more info and
hopefully some examples ?

I saw this thread:
about "ldaptor and bind"

If I read properly, the ldap server is something for testing, but not
production ready (eg no security/acl implemented by default). Am I
right ? Did Ottavio Campana manage to have something working and did
he publish the result of his modifications ?

In short, is there a simple example of a server with a sql backend,
that implement searches ?

thanks in advance,


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