[Twisted-Python] Vertex or other P2P libraries for twisted?

makkalot at gmail.com makkalot at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 16:10:15 EDT 2008

> Vertex is an implementation of a protocol, Q2Q, which allows you to
> connect to a program that a user is running.  This is not entirely about
> traversing NAT.
> The idea is you have a server, foo.example.com, and you want to connect
> to a user who has an account on that server, bob.  Q2Q enables you to
> say "I want a connection to bob at foo.example.com" and you don't have to
> care about how that connection is established, or, for example, whether
> bob is using his desktop or laptop computer.  One of the pieces of code
> it includes is a TCP-over-UDP implementation, which allows you to tunnel
> through almost all NAT implementations, but you don't use that code
> directly; you just ask for a Q2Q connection.
Ah I got the idea,actually i also read the slides in your site. I may look at 
your nat traversal code it may give me some idea about what i'm planning todo
thanks for the description :) 

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