[Twisted-Python] Vertex or other P2P libraries for twisted?

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Sat Apr 5 23:47:47 EDT 2008

On 5 Apr, 10:50 am, makkalot at gmail.com wrote:
> >On the other hand Twisted users might be
>>interested in hearing about semi-transparent NAT traversal and 
>Hi, i want to know what the vertex actually is. Because i had in my 
>mind to
>develop a NAT traversal software that other applications can use 
>easily. Is
>vertex a STUN server what is it :) And you mentioned about 
>which is another exciting part i want to add.

Part of it is nat traversal layer, but it's not a STUN server, no :).

Vertex is an implementation of a protocol, Q2Q, which allows you to 
connect to a program that a user is running.  This is not entirely about 
traversing NAT.

The idea is you have a server, foo.example.com, and you want to connect 
to a user who has an account on that server, bob.  Q2Q enables you to 
say "I want a connection to bob at foo.example.com" and you don't have to 
care about how that connection is established, or, for example, whether 
bob is using his desktop or laptop computer.  One of the pieces of code 
it includes is a TCP-over-UDP implementation, which allows you to tunnel 
through almost all NAT implementations, but you don't use that code 
directly; you just ask for a Q2Q connection.

(It also allows Bob to know who is trying to connect to him before 
accepting the connection.  TCP allows you to ask this too, of course, 
but "jethro at bar.example.com" and an SSL certificate fingerprint is a lot 
more descriptive and secure than "probably port 30487, but 
maybe not".

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