[Twisted-Python] Hanging Deferreds in PB Paging code

Ed Suominen general at eepatents.com
Sat Jan 20 11:55:46 MST 2007

From: "Brian Granger" <ellisonbg.net at gmail.com>
> Thanks for the code snippet.  I had thought about trying to implement
> my own, less complicated solution for this issue but hadn't done
> anything yet.  I will have a look at your code to see if I can adapt
> it.  I am not dealing with files, but most of the ideas are the same.
> Also, the task queue stuff looks interesting.  It is actually pretty
> similar to what we have implemented in IPython:
> http://ipython.scipy.org/moin/Parallel_Computing
> We have abstracted things at a slightly lower level to allow various
> types of higher level constructs (such as task farming) to be built
> easily.  We haven't build the task farming interface fully yet, but
> that is on our list of todos soon.  It might be nice to use some of
> your work when we implement the task farming interface, but
> unfortunately, IPython is BSD, so your GPL code won't help us much.

Well, as it says on the foss.eepatents.com site, "If you want to use
this software under different terms ... feel free to contact me about
it. Maybe we can work something out, maybe not." :-)

I'm interested in the idea of some of the work getting adapted for
IPython (a great project!), even if the adaptation winds up being
licensed differently. Also, I have already done quite a bit of task
farming in another as-yet-private package of mine, "AsynCluster" (is
what it sounds like), which I'm planning to incorporate into
Twisted-Goodies. Collaborating with someone capable like yourself on
this would be great for both of us, I would think. So, let's get
together on this off-list soon!

Best regards,

Ed Suominen
Registered Patent Agent & Independent Inventor (cathedral)
Open-Source Software Author (bazaar)

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