[Twisted-Python] Hanging Deferreds in PB Paging code

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Tue Jan 23 22:33:58 MST 2007

Hi Ed,

On 1/20/07, Ed Suominen <general at eepatents.com> wrote:

> Well, as it says on the foss.eepatents.com site, "If you want to use
> this software under different terms ... feel free to contact me about
> it. Maybe we can work something out, maybe not." :-)
> I'm interested in the idea of some of the work getting adapted for
> IPython (a great project!), even if the adaptation winds up being
> licensed differently. Also, I have already done quite a bit of task
> farming in another as-yet-private package of mine, "AsynCluster" (is
> what it sounds like), which I'm planning to incorporate into
> Twisted-Goodies. Collaborating with someone capable like yourself on
> this would be great for both of us, I would think. So, let's get
> together on this off-list soon!

Well, from our side, we'd certainly be very interested in
collaborating with you.  Both Brian and I are developing ipython's
distributed computing capabilities because we need them in our
everyday work, and we'd be very happy to have more collaborators.
Brian knows a lot more about Twisted than I do so I'll defer detail
comments on your code to him, but as a general statement, we'd be
happy to have you on board.

Since this discussion may drift away from Twisted specifics and I
don't want to impose off-topic chat on this list, we'd be happy to
continue talking about the more ipython-specific questions on the
ipython lists (this is probably a -dev topic):


If you feel you'd rather discuss licensing specifics off-list first,
then by all means go ahead (if you've already talked to Brian, I'll
catch up on the details directly from him, don't worry).

Thanks for your offer!



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