[Twisted-Python] Twisted apps + zeroconf, anyone?

Jarek Zgoda jarek.zgoda at sensisoft.com
Wed Dec 26 14:56:39 EST 2007

Thomas Hervé <therve at free.fr> napisał(a):

> A quick search of twisted and zeroconf should redirect you to some
> infos, especially to the mDNS implementation of itamar in its sandbox:
> http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/browser/sandbox/itamar/mdns. Nothing
> completly finished though, but contributions are welcome :).

Did not notice this one, thank you. From the quick view, it seems like the 
whole service publishing part is not yet implemented. I never wrote any 
line of code "Twisted style", maybe this will be my first time. ;)

> I don't know avahi, but the fact it uses gobject may not be a problem if
> you use the gtk2reactor.

Actually, this is a REST webservice built upon twisted.web. Registering 
service using avahi requires async DBus connection and, effectively, 
gobject main loop. This does not seem to be good choice for service that is 
supposed to serve hundreds of requests per minute...

Jarek Zgoda

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