[Twisted-Python] Twisted apps + zeroconf, anyone?

Bastian Winkler buz at netbuz.org
Thu Dec 27 08:49:04 EST 2007

On Wed, Dec 26, 2007 at 08:56:39PM +0100, Jarek Zgoda wrote:
> > I don't know avahi, but the fact it uses gobject may not be a problem if
> > you use the gtk2reactor.
> Actually, this is a REST webservice built upon twisted.web. Registering 
> service using avahi requires async DBus connection and, effectively, 
> gobject main loop. This does not seem to be good choice for service that is 
> supposed to serve hundreds of requests per minute...

I use avahi with the glib2reactor on a high traffic system and it works
pretty good for me.
The service is only registered once at startup, and service discovery is
done by simply connecting to DBus signal. Everything only with a few
lines of code :)

So long

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