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Tue Oct 3 03:13:21 EDT 2006

On 01:32 am, timothyfitz at gmail.com wrote:
>Recently there have been some changes to ThreadedSelectReactor,
>specifically that it is no longer being considered as a stand alone
>reactor choice (for example, you will no longer be able to twistd
>--reactor=threadedselect). This action is desirable since there's no
>reason for it. As I understand TSR it's broken for that usage anyway;
>however, I have been warned that TSR is completely broken and
>shouldn't be used at all. What exactly and specifically are the
>current problems or at least symptoms of TSR and is it truly broken?

Excellent question.  The initial problem is that it has approximately
zero test coverage.  You cannot run Twisted's test suite using tsr, so
who knows what it does?  Any change made by any developer to Twisted
might break it completely; as a tsr user, you might be the first to notice
this circumstance.  Not an ideal situation in the least.

If tsr is important, I would suggest finding a way to run Twisted's test
suite using it.  One way to do this is to implement the actual reactor
API using a subclass (or some such).  Trial might then run the test suite
using that reactor subclass.  Hopefully there will be support for reactor
plugins somewhat soon, but until then you'll need to patch the reactors
dictionary at the top of twisted/application/app.py.

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