[Twisted-Python] Re: A proposal for simple remote object editing (Twisted and ZODB integration)

Nicola Larosa nico at tekNico.net
Tue Jun 27 18:46:06 EDT 2006

>> 3) I hear Zope 3 contains some kind of Twisted integration. For the
>> life of me I can't find any information about this on the web, and I
>> even bought a book on Zope 3 recently and the only reference to
>> Twisted is that you can use Twisted Web instead of Zope's ZServer to
>> service web requests.

Here are a few references to Twisted and Zope together, found a few months ago.

Diary for itamar - 9 Dec 2002

TwistedZopeOpenSpaceTalk - PyCon 2004

Neckar Sprint - A Zope3 Sprint in Tuebingen, Germany, Oct. 6-9, 2005

zasync 1.0: Zope Product + Twisted ZEO client

(There would be another one: I have the page in my archive, but it's
unreachable now, and zope.org is excluded from archive.org. That's one of
the niceties of using Firefox' ScrapBook extension, instead of simple
bookmarks. :-) )

> The twisted/zope integration is really just so that zope 3 can start
> using twisted as a server (web, ftp, etc.).  I don't think the zope
> community has any immediate plans to use twisted as a framework.
> Jim Fulton has said he wants to get out of the server business, and
> twisted lets him do that.  I don't think he is particularly interested
> in using twisted to build his apps, as he already has his own framework.

An opinion definitely shared by at least Stephan Richter; see this log of
an exchange between me (tekNico) and him (srichter) on IRC:

IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-07-27

> I don't have any interest in such a thing, personally, but then again,
> I don't use ZODB, and hope never to do so ;)

Some of the reasons why one may not want to use pickle, nor ZODB, are
touched upon in this interesting piece by Glyph:

What Happened to Atop?

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