[Twisted-Python] A proposal for simple remote object editing (Twisted and ZODB integration)

Robert Gravina robert at gravina.com
Tue Jun 27 16:05:40 EDT 2006

>> 2) Is my copying-across-the-dict a good enough solution, and I  
>> should just forget about the whole thing?
> I think you really want ZEO, but I may be misunderstanding your aims.

Actually yes, that's exactly what I want. I've been wishing I had of  
used that but I got the impression it was designed for making Zope  
more scalable, not for writing GUI apps that need to share data.

I need authentication etc. and found Zope too scary and geared  
towards web-development, came across Twisted and decided to go with  

If there's any way I can use ZEO instead of Twisted PB and use  
Twisted for everything else, that would be perfect. I'll have to  
learn more about ZEO to see how this is done, but if anyone has any  
suggestions for this I'd love to hear about them.


> As a person who uses Axiom for his current project, I say "Use  
> Axiom!".
> That said, you can't use Axiom with ZODB, or vice versa.  Axiom is a
> really great alternative to ZODB, and one that will work much more
> nicely with twisted, hence my endorsement of it.

Ah great... since my app is still in early stages it's not too hard  
to switch back to Axiom (I tried it out for a day, and liked it very  
much. Perhaps it will become Twisted's answer to object  
persistence)...  I wonder if using Axiom would make this problem of  
updating database-stored objects with lots of references to other  
objects after Copyables come back any easier? Or am I just being  
lazy? A good bit of introspecting rich code that traverses the  
__dict__ recursively might be all I need.


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